Bosch RH328VCQ 1-1/8-Inch SDS Hammer Drill Review – Takes Hard Beating And Performs Like Nobody’s Business

Using any inferior tool that is underpowered can play spoilsport with your plans. If you have tried to pound through concrete with an ordinary drill, you would have gone through such situations yourself. Likewise, a very traditional drill, while useful for ordinary drilling, is not suitable for bigger jobs that demand extremely bigger bits, holes (deeper), and continuous drilling. Such is the quality of Bosch RH328VCQ 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer –A Bosch made rotary hammer which seems to be a very well built and robust tool of its kind.

Bosch RH328VCQ 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer



Price and Features

Right now, it is going for $287.99 , which is a real buy at that price for such a tool.

  • Pretty unparalleled power to weight ratio
  • With impact energy of 2.6 ft-lbs, it stands out as the best in its class
  • Powered by a motor of 8.0 Amps
  • Weight- 7.9 Pounds
  • A controlled system reduces vibration in the hammer mode
  • Comfortable grip allows for great experience altogether even in extended work sessions
  • Quick Change System makes it possible for quick change out to happen between  optional 3-jaw chuck and SDS-Plus chuck, but with different accessories.
  • 3 modes of operation enable multi function selection: Rotary Hammer, Hammer-Only mode, along with Rotation only mode.
  • Improved operator control as well as precise bit starting thanks to Variable Speed 3-Finger Trigger
  • Rotary hammer, auxiliary handle, as well as  a carrying case are in the box

Who is it for?

Though it is appropriate and custom made for professionals, it’s easy to use and that matters the most for any starter to buy it.

Pros and Cons

Operates very quiet for a hammer of its composition, and designed to idle as long as the RH328VCQ is completely engaged onto any work surface. The grip is very comfortable and provides great relief to operators who find it hard to push their device for hours together in different phases of those extended sessions of work. Being a workhorse itself, it could help push limits higher, and work without skipping a beat right through the whole stretch, and might start with more intensity after breaks indeed. The hammer drill does feel very comfortable to hold, maybe its ergonomic design would shine through, and allows working at tighter spots with multiple angles and positions.

The way this drill controls, or limits vibration, whatever it is, is simply amazing, so if you are going to put it to use for lots of hammer drilling, you’re sure to comfort your wrists, hands and arms.

With this hammer drill you can get the job finished in just one tenth the time it would normally take on the other models, however the feeling of comfort with no tuckered out wrists is what matters the most at the end of the day. This drill is unbelievably light, and allows for drilling even while standing on a stepladder.

Why you Should Buy it

It could clean up mortar, cement patch off footings, grade beams within minutes which would otherwise take a day with just a hammer and hand chisel.


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